Scrum v. Kanban

Scrum v. Kanban
Discussing the age old question Scrum Or Kanban?

What happens in a Daily Stand Up meeting?

What:  Daily stand-up is a 15 minute meeting where everyone answers 3 questions: What did I do yesterday? What do I plan on doing today? Are there...

What happens in a Sprint Planning Meeting ?

What:  Spring Planning is an event where the team decides what user stories from the Product Backlog need to be executed in the upcoming sprint Wh...

What is Product Backlog?

Product Backlog information

What is Definition of Done?

Definition of Done is a document which has a list of team agreed criteria of items that must be met before the user story can be considered complet...

What is a Sprint Retrospective Meeting?

What:  Sprint Retrospective meeting is something that occurs at the end of every sprint. It is a time for the team to come together and discuss fol...