What is a Sprint Retrospective Meeting?

What:  Sprint Retrospective meeting is something that occurs at the end of every sprint. It is a time for the team to come together and discuss following items:

  1. What did we do better in this sprint
  2. What could we have done better

The Sprint Retrospective meeting is often followed or preceded by Sprint Demo or Sprint Review meeting. In the Sprint review/demo meeting the team discusses following items:

  1. What did we accomplish against what was promised
  2. Demonstrate the completed work to the stakeholders
  3. Gather feedback on the completed work from stakeholder and add it to the Product Backlog

Who:  It is attended by Product Owner, Scrum Master, Dev team, and stakeholders

How:  The team discusses above two questions in an open forum format.

When:  At the end of Sprint.

Kit Contents Required:   

  1. Restickable Glue Stick for sticking User Story cards on the wall
  2. Post - It ® Notes (3 X 3) for tasks
  3. Removable Color Coding Labels
  4. Black Fine Tip Magnetic Dry Erase Markers with Eraser