What happens in a Sprint Planning Meeting ?

What:  Spring Planning is an event where the team decides what user stories from the Product Backlog need to be executed in the upcoming sprint

Who:  It is attended by Product Owner, Scrum Master and Dev team.

How:  The team discusses the goal of upcoming sprint and selects which user stories would achieve the goal.

When: Before the start of every Sprint

Kit Contents Required:   

  1. Agile Estimation Deck for estimating stories
  2. Masking Tape as lane dividers
  3. Removable Color Coding Labels for columns & swim-lanes
  4. Restickable Glue Stick for sticking User Story cards on the wall
  5. Post - It ® Notes (3 X 3) for listing tasks

Baby Steps:

  1. Product Owner discusses the objective of the sprint and possess a prioritized list of user stories associated with the goal
  2. Based on velocity, the team sets sprint capacity i.e. how many points can we possibly implement in the sprint
  3. Product Owner discusses the stories (ordered by priority)
  4. Team discusses and finalizes the Acceptance Criteria for each story. Product Owner writes the Acceptance Criteria on the backside of User Story card.
  5. Dev Team uses the Agile Estimation Deck and uses relative estimation technique to size the stories
  6. Product Owner fills the Size box in the User Story card
  7. Team forecasts how many stories will be completed in the next sprint
  8. ScrumMaster ensures there is a task board available with at least 3 columns (a) To Do (b) Doing (c) Done separated by masking tape and appropriate swin-lanes for a Kanban baord.
  9. Using Restickable Glue Stick a team member sticks story card on the board
  10. Using Masking tape a team member creates a row for each story card (optional)
  11. Using Post-It Notes ® Dev team creates tasks for each story and sticks them on the To Do column of task board (Sprint Backlog).
  12. The Post-It Notes(R) can have the hours listed on it if needed. Team can also use the removable round stickers to indicate each team member or priority of the task.

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