I have been developing applications since 1995 and managing them since 2006.

In 2012 I read Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup and it gave me a whole new perspective on software product development. Around the same time I was managing a project whereby we were developing a brand new revolutionary application for transportation industry.

With no predecessor to base our estimates on and investors asking for the level of funding that we need we decided to go with Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach. This solved for the issue related to scope however the problem with how to estimate for the unknown and provide updates to stakeholders still persisted. One thing led to another and we discovered ‘Scrum’ process. It felt like the holy grail that fit our needs. With little time to get acquainted (“wikipediad”) with Scrum, we struggled to implement but were sold on the idea.

Lots of googling and reading lead us to several sites and opinions on how to best execute the process. We wanted to stay real and use the physical Scrum Board. It just made sense. We were co-located and most agile PM applications were and still are clunky, bulky, buggy & expensive to setup, manage and configure.

We created an inventory of everything we will need to execute our first scrum project, we went to the office supply store looking for each items in the various aisles. With not knowing what brand/type/exact product to buy we wasted lot of time and money in trying out different things. After several tries we ended up with a list of custom made and readily available products that would work perfect and ended up creating an ‘agile toolkit’. Hence Scrum Depot was born. 

Regardless of buying from Scrum Depot, feel free to drop a line at help@scrumdepot.com to discuss your scrum issues/questions.

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